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Week 197

Mornin’ all. I trust you’re all well and that those of you in the UK enjoyed the extra hour in bed over the weekend. I certainly did. Or at least, I would’ve done had I remembered. You know what we need: A government website that provides this information in a really easy to understand format. What’s that you say? It already exists? Well, I’ll be blowed! Will you look at that: When do the clocks change.

Speaking of Government websites (nice segue, eh), we’re still busy working toward the launch of Inside Government and are pleased to welcome Francis Berriman and Alex Torrance to the team. Our focus over the last couple of weeks has been on migrating the content from the department websites that are soon to be hosted on the platform. The challenge here is in getting the data migrated quickly while also building a process that allows us to continue porting data over the coming year. Data migration aside, there’s still plenty more happening in the team and the best place to catch up with that is over on the Inside Inside Government blog.

A combination of us trying to make up some of the time we took from GDS a couple of weeks ago, a day out in Bristol, the Freeze Festival, some travel to the Lake District and illness all resulted in us having about 5 days of GFR time last week. While that meant we didn’t quite get the Harmonia invites out as hoped; we did manage to make some good progress. I think all the invitation functionality is finished and James A has made it look all purdy. All being well, we’ll get a handful of people using Harmonia this week.

Finally, last week saw us host the inaugural Lunchtime with Jason Cale and Huxley session. It was awesome, and we can’t wait for the next one.

I’m off to enjoy some of this beautiful sunshine and I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week.

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