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Week 191 - Better late than never?

Last week felt like quite a big one for us at GFR. Tuesday was the first time for a while that we had managed to all get together physically, so we had another of our discussions about the future of GFR. We’re all attracted to the idea of building our own products, but although we’ve often expressed it as an aim, it’s not something we’ve got very far with. Maybe it’s not something we, as a group, are good at, but we’d like that to change. So, not for the first time, we’ve chosen to try and focus. For the next few weeks we’re going to invest all our non-client time on trying to build products, and see where it gets us. Hopefully we’ll build the momentum we need to achieve our goal: get 100 users by the end of the year.

Other than our internal projects, work continues on Amongst other things we’ve added specialist guidance into the upcoming content API, changed the way consultations and their responses are related, and produced pages with screenshots for all the organisations that aren’t currently part of There have also been lots more changes, as we come closer to the now official date when directgov will be replaced by

That’s it for this week. Im off to do some of that focussing (and some invoicing).

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This week’s notes were significantly delayed by the good weather at the weekend, Lambeth Country Show, The Shock of the New, a short cycle ride and Tempest by Bob Dylan.

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