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Week 181

Running late, here are the notes for week 181.

It’s been a quiet week in GFRHQ. James Adam has been away in Canada, and much of our time has been taken up with Talking of, last week was a big one for the project (though not of the part we’ve been working on), with a new iteration released. It was a bigger release than we might have chosen (preferring more incremental improvement) but the design and content changes look great. I particularly like the new typeface, though there’s still some work needed improving the font rendering across all browsers (did I get font/typeface right there Jase?).

Government stuff we’ve been more closely involved with this week includes working on new specialist guidance formats, improving the continuous integration infrastructure, and upgrading Rails to avoid a nasty SQL injection attack.

Outside the government, I’ve been tweaking my blog some more, adding links and ensuring I can use puppet to rebuild the VM it runs on. I’ve also been working on some more top-secret project ideas to add to our growing collection. James Mead has been working to fix mocha so that it can better integrate properly with the latest versions of minitest and other test frameworks. James Adam has been instgramming furiously, making us all jealous with artistically filtered pictures of his holiday. Finally Chris has used James A’s absence to buy himself a shiny new laptop and monitor, and us all a new hoover. In next weeknotes: ‘How we finally got around to cleaning the floor’.

These weeknotes were brought to you by the Thue Morse sequence and a small vial of Andy Murray’s tears. Until next week (when I’m writing them again),


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