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Week 152

Hello there. I’m delivering the notes for last week late, for this I can only apologise, but I think taking some liberties in the name of the festive season is widespread so I’m jumping right onto that bandwagon or sleigh. Urgh.

Anyway, Santa’s bells are ringing in my head and my arms are tired from shovelling the rain off the pavement. So if you are expecting my usual epic ramblings you are probably going to be disappointed .. as this year I’m delivering a little bit of coal for you all. BUT! With a saucy bit of reflection, such coal, if compressed enough, could turn into a beautiful diamond.

However as you can probably tell, even with the intention to write succinctly I can rarely accomplish it .. this introduction clearly manifesting my ineptitude.

The Kinda Juicy Juicy Stuff

To be honest the week was fairly standard.

We continued refining and simmering our development for Gov.uk; blazing some user stories, interrogating user needs and generally delivering bad ass software.

Coffee Dawgs

We popped by our old landlords Protein on Wednesday for the popup lunch spot provided by Big Apple Hotdogs and the grand opening of their coffee shop run by Dunne Frankowski. I don’t chow down on animals anymore, so I just filled my mind with espresso and watched as Tom, James A and Chris devoured what smelt like a blooming nice dog.

The main take away from this is we have a sweet place to hit up for some good coffee that is really close by, and the fact that we know the folks who run and inhabit the joint makes it extra cushty. Yeahhh.

InterConnected Planetary Planetary InterConnected

We finally got our broadband connection in the office, so we can jump off the blooming expensive leased line we have been using in the short term (provided by our landlord). We celebrated by watching youtube clips of cats doing HILARIOUS things* and ordering life size cardboard cut outs of Alexander O’Neil*.

Leads leads leads are looking for a good time

Our continuing swell of work interest from various people looking for development partnerships carried on, with Chris and Myself meeting a potential suitor on Thursday, which was an interesting little chat — it culminated in us discussing the possibility of incubating some projects in house, ourselves perhaps providing some funding to worthy project causes in the form of development or even capital. Very much ‘Pie in the sky’ at the moment, but it is always an interesting topic to throw around the office.

Festive Lunch, Beer, Etc

Friday we downed tools, or at least put our macs to sleep and headed to Byron on Hoxton Square for some burgers and reflective chat. We then decamped to Mason & Taylor via the Reliance for beers and deterioration of conversation into the cold friday night.

That’s all folks

I’ve probably forgotten lots of things, rest assumed all the stuff I forgot was well killer and I was so in the moment I didn’t have a single neuron left for reflective consciousness.

But maybe I’ve dropped the bar sufficiently low enough with this update in order to allow James A to completely blow you all away with his coverage of the week we are riding right now, the week that will go down in history, number 153.

Have a great festive period, love all the people, give generously, receive graciously, and don’t get so pissed that you set your house on fire again this year eh?


* I LIED, sorry baby saints.

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