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Week 150

What’s this? Week notes at the end of the week. Like, on a Friday an’ stuff. Mental. And what’s this, someone other than Chris writing them!? Well, kinda, it’s actually me and it’s Monday. Zero out of two’s not bad though eh.

We were a man down at the beginning of last week: our very own Mr Ward was ill and, in his words, “did a Chris” (got up, laid down on the bed and then woke up much, much later). This has obviously never happened to me so I take great offence.

Jaaaase took care of dealing with BT on Tuesday. We’re in the process of trying to get a broadband connection installed but we must’ve upset the Gods because we’ve already been waiting for about a year (or six weeks, whatever). We do have an install date now though, albeit one that’s another two weeks away.

James A and Tom made some good headway toward getting our Whitehall app integrated with the GovUK router. The router’s going to sit toward the top of the stack and pass requests off to the relevant app behind the scenes so this is critical work for the single-domainedness. We also had fun with some subtle bugs throughout the week, including a libxml2/nokogiri oddity and a Rails Engine oddity.

James A also managed to find time to resurrect Timmy Printface (Timmy was jealous of this Little Printer fella) and to work through more of the videos from Ru3y Manor.

Jase did a great job of adding some flair to our office with the painting of our logo on the wall. Look, there’s even a picture for your delectation.

Jaaaaaase Ross doing his thing

This was just in time for our very splendid Office warming last Thursday. There was mulled wine, beer, mince pies and crisps. More importantly though, there were people! Although it would appear that we don’t have any photographic evidence so you’ll just have to take our word for it, mmmkay. Seriously, thanks to everyone that turned up, we had a great evening.

All that’s left is for me to wish you all a good week and enjoy the hour remaining before I get “randomly” selected to write the weeknotes for week 151.

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