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Week 145

Harmonia and Chris, sitting in a tree, W.R.I.T.I.N.G. AGAIN. Truth be told, I’m going off her a bit. Maybe I should complain to HR about bullying or something. Oh, and apologies for the lateness of these notes (we’re into week 146 already). My bad.

Last week was the first time that all five of us had been around for a while. Which was nice. We even got to spend a few days in our shiny new office. Which was also nice. Well, apart from Tuesday, when a couple of us were struggling with a three mifi device to provide our Internet connectivity. These troubles were all solved on Wednesday with the installation of a 2Mb leased line (we’re trialling it for a month to see how it might compare to a standard broadband offering).

We took advantage of us all being together to spend a little time discussing the future of the GFR family. Should we bring more people in? Should we restrict these additional peeps to the set of people we already know? How long would any kind of probation period be before they would be set free to do everything in the business? Would we ever consider taking people on who wouldn’t join in with all company responsibilities? We certainly don’t have any clear answers to these questions yet but they’re good things to be discussing.

The end of GFR week 145 signalled the end of sprint 3 of our work at GDS. We’re still making good progress with the app and something akin to progress with the Capita procurement process we have to go through before we can our hands on the monies.

Saturday saw our very own James, along with Murray and Tom, host Ru3y Manor. I wasn’t able to make it unfortunately but I understand it to have been a great success and look forward to seeing the videos.

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