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Week 432 - Interesting links

An Off-grid Social Network

I was really interested to read about Scuttlebut, an open-source decentralised peer-to-peer social network which was created by Dominic Tarr, who lives aboard a yacht in New Zealand. A Scuttlebutt account is made up of an append-only diary and private/public asymmetric crypto keys. Messages are encrypted and stored in the diary. Every time two Scuttlebutt friends connect to the same WiFi network, their computers will synchronize the latest messages in their diaries. Alternatively you can use a Scuttlebut pub to synchronize your messages more globally. JM

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Last Friday we had a go at one of ClueQuest’s escape room puzzles which was a lot of fun. Chatting to Ben G on Wednesday this week, he told us about this bomb defusal game which sounds excellent. Hopefully we’ll give it a go sometime soon! JM

The Birth Of A Dugout Canoe by Northmen

I was also fascinated by this video [19 mins] which Ben mentioned. It’s amazing to watch this bloke turn a tree trunk into a beautiful canoe. JM

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