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Week 377

James was away on a skiing course this week.

I spent most of my time working on Smart Answers. There was plenty to do for the start of the 2016/17 tax year.

Smart Answers

2016/17 updates for registering births and deaths

I merged the PRs that were created last week.

2016/17 updates for marriage-abroad

The work to update the services and fees for marriage-abroad took a lot longer than I would’ve liked. I’m sure I could’ve made these updates without changing so much of the system but I think/hope the changes leave things in a better state.

These changes meant that I ended up closing the PR I opened last week:

Refactoring marriage-abroad

Bug in minimum-wage calculator


I created a couple of pull requests for Slimmer after encountering an exception in Smart Answers that appeared to be something we could/should handle:


I only really did the minimum admin required to keep things ticking over this week.

– Chris

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