Go Free Range Alumni

  1. Photo of James Adam

    James Adam

    James co-founded Go Free Range in 2009 and remained with the company until September 2013 when he left to start a new venture called “Exciting”.

    James is a long-time Rubyist and one of the instigators of LRUG and Ruby Manor. Since finishing his PhD, he’s been building applications using Ruby, including work on theauteurs.com and Reevoo.

    He wrote the book on Rails plugins, has spoken at numerous Rails and Ruby conferences, and maintains a whole bunch of open source libraries, including Vanilla.rb, soup and the engines plugin for Rails.

  2. Photo of Tom Ward

    Tom Ward

    Tom worked with Go Free Range from February 2009 until October 2013.

    Tom is a software developer passionate about building and improving the web. Though his background is in J2EE, he has embraced Ruby On Rails as a platform and become a respected contributor.

    You can see some of the code he’s written on Github.

  3. Photo of Jason Cale

    Jason Cale

    Jase worked with FreeRange from February 2009 until February 2012. While at Go Free Range, he looked after our creative direction, user interface design and front-end development as well as being a great developer in his own right.

    Jase has decided to take some time out of software development so he can devote more time to meditation and other creative avenues, but he’s still available for occasional software projects.

  4. Photo of Kalvir Sandhu

    Kalvir Sandhu

    Kalv worked with Go Free Range from November 2008 until September 2011.

    Kalv started coding when he was 16 for his school and has been addicted since. On the rocky road of software engineering he has gained a Computer Science degree from Southampton University. Worked with Java, Perl and PHP before settling on Ruby. Has contributed to the tech events Warblecamp and Ruby Manor.

    He blogs at kalv.co.uk, and tweets at @kalv.

  5. Photo of James Andrews

    James Andrews

    James worked as part of Go Free Range from its inception until May 2010.

    While working with us, he contributed to the TellYouGov project, and provided development for MUBI and New Leaders.

    James now focuses on his own projects, including deBallet, a social network for ballet performers and enthusiasts.

  6. Photo of Luke Redpath

    Luke Redpath

    Luke worked with FreeRange from February 2009 until May 2010, working on a prototype of Gig fm, and the TellYouGov project.

    Luke now focuses on iOS development, but we look forward to working with him in the future.

  7. Photo of Gregory Bent

    Gregory Bent

    Gregory graduated from Goldsmiths with a First Class Honours degree in Games Programming. While working as an intern at Go Free Range Gregory developed a promotional game for Mission Patch using the Phaser.io HTML5 game framework. He also helped out on a project with The Audience Agency using Ruby on Rails.