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Recap doesn’t yet provide any specific tools for multistage deployments (deploying to different servers for production, staging, qa, etc.), but you can still easily support them.

The easiest way is to define your own task for each environment, and declare servers and other configuration within those tasks. For example, a Capfile targetting both a staging and production environment might look like this:

require ‘recap/recipes/rails’

set :application, ‘blanche’
set :repository, ‘git@github.com:tomafro/blanche’

task :staging do
  server ‘staging.example.com’, :app

task :production do
  set :branch, ‘production’
  server ‘production.example.com’, :app

The two environments deploy to different servers, and the production environment deploys the production branch of code, rather than the default (which is master).

To run tasks against each environment, simply call the environment task first, i.e. cap staging deploy, or cap production bootstrap.