A little background on our team

Founded in 2009 on the basis of mutual respect for each others’ work and character, our team is made up of complementary skills and a shared vision of how software should be built. Respected by clients and the online development community, we are experts at building software for the web.

  1. Photo of James Mead

    James Mead

    Since spending a couple of years as an electronic engineer on an Antarctic research station (yes, it was cold; no, there weren’t any polar bears), James has spent the last 15 years developing software at a number of consultancies and startups in the UK and US. After a stint at Thoughtworks working for clients like Dixons, AOL & Fidelity, he was the first employee at Reevoo, an early adopter of Ruby on Rails.

    He’s helped Headshift develop the website for Antony Gormley’s One & Other project.

    James is the author of Mocha, a popular Ruby testing framework.

  2. Photo of Chris Roos

    Chris Roos

    Switching from .NET to Ruby in 2004/2005 led to a job at Reevoo and the chance to work with James A and James M. Chris then spent 18 months at Headshift before joining his pals at GFR in late 2010.

  3. Photo of Chris Lowis

    Chris Lowis

    Chris discovered Ruby as an alternative to a mess of shell scripts and Perl that he was using while working as a researcher at the German Aerospace Center. Learning Rails distracted him during his PhD at the University of Southampton but eventually led to a job as a developer and researcher at BBC Music and later BBC R&D. He spent three and a half years running the data science team at FutureLearn before joining his friends at GFR in early 2017.

  4. Photo of Ben Griffiths

    Ben Griffiths

    Ben’s been a rubyist since 2003. He’s worked at Reevoo, Thoughtworks, GDS, Moo and some other places - most recently serving as Head of Technology for dxw. He joined GFR in April 2018.

Alumni: James Adam, Tom Ward, Jason Cale, Kalv Sandhu, James Andrews, Luke Redpath